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"The Kids Love the Weller Spring Floor!  It's a GREAT ADDITION to the gym!"  - Paul Mayer, Owner, Gymnastics Unlimited

NOTE: Any activity involving motion, height or speed creates the possibility of serious injury.  Always have appropriate coaching and supervision and check the condition of your equipment to ensure safety.

increased stability

Two layers of 9mm Baltic birch increases the stability of the apparatus.  The top panels cover the seams of the bottom panels and they are held together like glue with "hook" and "loop" fastening.  These panels are guaranteed to never overlap, separate or drift.  Yet the floor can be assembled and disassembled easily without any tools.   Along with the valve-quality steel used in our springs, the athletes feel a smoother and more consistent response.  In the scientific testing the vibrations in the floor are reduced in both intensity and duration.  Making the apparatus SAFER.

Weller Spring Floor

the Best innovation in gymnastics apparatus

superior quality

Manufactured with closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam, which is renowned for its shock absorption and resiliency.  It is proven to substantially outlast non-cross-linked foam because it will not break down under repeated compression.  The Tri-Flex EVA floor we use goes even further, by combining high-performance EVA foam with an exclusive cross-linked polyethylene formula, creating the fastest, liveliest and most dynamic floor in the world.  The needle punch carpet features outstanding durability and non-slip traction.  It is the strongest carpet used anywhere in the industry, yet it is soft and comfortable to perform on, with the touch of velour.