Resultant forces

Resultant Forces on the athlete on the Weller Spring Floor are significantly reduced compared to the cylindrical spring floor.

brilliant performance: the best innovation in gymnastics apparatus

high speed video @1000fps

TOP: The cylindrical springs bottom out- in other words, they go solid. BOTTOM: Weller Spring Floor does not bottom out! 

rate of force development

Increase your RATE OF FORCE DEVELOPMENT on The Weller Spring Floor!  What does this mean?  Research shows that it generally takes more than 0.5 seconds to develop maximum force because it takes time and coordination for your muscle fibers to fire and be recruited… but the challenge is that many explosive activities, like jumping, sprinting (each stride), swinging, etc. are completed in a fraction of a second (like 0.2 seconds or less). So the key to increasing FORCE to increase power is to increase the amount of usable or recruitable force you can generate in a short amount of time.

NOTE: Any activity involving motion, height or speed creates the possibility of serious injury.  Always have appropriate coaching and supervision and check the condition of your equipment to ensure safety.

Weller Spring Floor

FIG Impact test Proves all claims

In head-to-head testing at the AAI Factory in 2008, ALL claims of Weller Spring Floor are proved employing the same testing that is used by FIG, the International Governing Body of Gymnastics. The impact style test (shown above) consists of a 10kg mass that is configured to drop at various heights. The impactor is instrumented with an accelerometer and LVDT (displacement transducer.)

"A good indicator that the Weller Spring Floor is easier on the athlete is because the impact time is longer than the impact time on AAI's Floor. Therefore, the peak force transmitted to the athlete is decreased. This data is also used to prove that Weller Floor is a closer matched response." -Todd Reindors, AAI Engineering Manager

The testing further proved that in addition to reducing the peak impact force, the floor vibrations are reduced in duration AND intensity in Weller Spring Floor. Thus, increasing the stability of the Weller Spring Floor over the AAI Floor. AND the Weller Springs never bottom out or go "solid" while the cylindrical AAI spring does. Amazing!