Resultant forces

Resultant Forces on the athlete on the Weller Spring Floor are significantly reduced compared to the cylindrical spring floor.

FIG Impact test Proves claims

 In head-to-head testing at the AAI Factory in 2008, scientific testing proved the claims of The Weller Spring Floor. The floor vibrations are reduced in intensity and duration as well.  The impact style test consists of a 10kg mass that is configured to drop at various heights. The impactor is instrumented with an accelerometer and LVDT(displacement transducer.)

A strain gage is used to measure floor deformations, the accelerometer and force platform measure displacement and vibrations, and full kinematics with 42 markers placed on the athlete. Take off forces come from the force platform and panel accelerations during the take off.

weller spring floor is Easier on athletes

A new technology improves safety, performance, and “levels the playing field” 

It’s called The Weller Spring Floor. The intent of this new spring floor structure is to make the floor safer, more bouncy, soften the impact of landings, and enable the gymnast to gain height when tumbling.

The extraneous vibrational movements of the spring floor during the impact of the gymnast’s feet would be akin to a diving board that rattled during a diver’s take-off.

The Weller Spring Floor is engineered with precise variable-pitch loading that significantly REDUCES the vibration duration and intensity.

And Peak impact force on the athlete is REDUCED significantly making it easier on their ankles, Achilles and knees.

Heavier gymnasts get more “spring” or rebound from the existing spring floors because they are able to more effectively compress the floor materials. Thus, the floor feels bouncier to a heavier gymnast and harder to a lighter weight gymnast.

The Weller Spring Floor corrects for this and allows both lighter and heavier athletes to gain comparable rebound from the floor and thereby “levels the playing field.” The Patented technology of The Weller Spring Floor utilizes a variable pitch mechanism engineered right into the springs! The floor reacts according to the weight of each individual giving a comparable “bounce” to every gymnast and eliminating this competitive disadvantage for lighter athletes.

Over the years, as skill levels have skyrocketed in gymnastics, most of the equipment has evolved to keep up. The Uneven Bars are much farther apart to accommodate “giant swings.” The Balance Beam now has a cushioning system. The Vault table is much bigger making it safer for the incredible vaults that are done in today’s gymnastics.

Now the Weller Spring Floor allows maximum performance for all sizes of athletes, and they perform their routines with safer results!

Weller Spring Floor

3D Computer View: Live Tumbling on Weller Spring Floor. The Vicon system shown here is the same technology used in films like Avatar.

rate of force development

Increase your RATE OF FORCE DEVELOPMENT on The Weller Spring Floor!  What does this mean?  Research shows that it generally takes more than 0.5 seconds to develop maximum force because it takes time and coordination for your muscle fibers to fire and be recruited… but the challenge is that many explosive activities, like jumping, sprinting (each stride), swinging, etc. are completed in a fraction of a second (like 0.2 seconds or less). So the key to increasing FORCE to increase power is to increase the amount of usable or recruitable force you can generate in a short amount of time.

high speed video @1000fps

TOP: The cylindrical springs bottom out- in other words, they go solid. BOTTOM: Weller Spring Floor does not bottom out! 

"I dropped by the North Boulder Recreation Center last week and it is AMAZING how much better the floor is! I knew they had flood damage but had no idea they were switching to Weller Spring Floor. Every kid and staff member noticed the difference. I have always had kids do a lot of the higher stress repetitions on 4 inch mats but I think this floor is so much more forgiving that much of that could be done on this floor without mats."      -Dave Juszczyk

“A good indicator that the Weller Spring Floor is easier on an athlete is that the impact time is longer than AAI’s. Therefore, the peak force transmitted to the athlete is decreased. The data can be used to prove a closer matched response.” -Todd Reindors, AAI Engineering Manager